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Unclaimed Christmas Eve Euromillions prizes

Last Updated: Tuesday 11th January 2011, 11:04 am

Lottery Tickets PenThe special Christmas Eve Euromillions draw was a record breaking one, with twenty-five millionaires created in a single evening. Yet, despite the draw being so well publicised across the UK there are still unclaimed EuroMillions prizes for the Christmas Eve draw. Of the 25 Millionaire SuperRaffle prizes, two are still unclaimed, and there is another £388,000 lottery prize unclaimed from the same draw!

It’s time to find these lost lottery winners, and the lottery tickets they hold. Each of the three prizes is a life-changing amount of money so here are all the details of each ticket in the hope that we can find these missing lottery winners and reunite them with their Euromillions prizes.

First up is a £1 million Euromillions SuperRaffle prize, from a lottery ticket in the Leeds area. The Millionaire Raffle number on the ticket is DGW560374 so if you buy lottery tickets in the Leeds area and this number is yours, contact the lottery now!

Next up, another Euromillions SuperRaffle prize, from a lottery ticket sold in the Watford & Gemel Hempstead area. This lottery ticket has the raffle number DGV087857 and if this is your ticket then you are £1 million richer.

The final ticket is from the main Christmas Eve Euromillions draw and matched five main balls and one lucky star. The lottery ticket was sold in the London Borough of Harrow so if you buy lottery tickets in this area, you need to check your tickets against the Christmas Eve Euromillions results right now!

These missing lottery tickets must be found, as soon as possible! If you want to ensure you don’t end up on the unclaimed lottery prizes list then we recommend you buy your lottery tickets online!

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