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Unclaimed Hampshire jackpot goes to charity

Last Updated: Tuesday 3rd July 2018, 12:37

A couple of weeks ago we brought you details of a huge lotto prize that had not been claimed in the Hampshire area. This £50,000 prize will now go to charity after no winner had been found. We made pleas on these pages and Camelot gave a shout out for players to check old lottery tickets yet despite this the winner of the £50,000 prize hasn’t come forward and now the whole lot will go to good causes.

Of course we may never know who the winner is now but the lottery did attempt to track down the ticketholder when they realised time was running out. All we knew was the prize was for a little over £50,000 and was sold in the Hampshire area of England. The ticket matched five balls and the bonus ball in the draw held in April this year.

Unfortunately however, a week ago time run out for the lucky lottery winner who has now become an unlucky lottery winner and this unclaimed prize. All National Lottery prizes have a 180 limit in which they can be claimed, if they are not claimed in this time they –and all the interest accumulated on the win - go back into the fund for good causes and go to charity.

This isn’t the only unclaimed prize waiting right now either, there are literally millions to be claimed and time is running out. So check those old lottery tickets or even better buy lotto tickets online to ensure you never miss a lottery prize.

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