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Last Updated: Thursday 14th October 2010, 10:24

We’re always bringing you news of the UK Lottery draws but sometimes, something comes along that is worth a mention. Often on these pages we bring you news of the People’s Postcode Lottery, so when we heard about Geosweep, a geographical draw calling itself an unlottery, we were keen to see what it was all about. Most lottery draws are decided on numbers, but the Geosweep works on your geographical location.

This is another reason for it being called a Geo-lottery/Unlottery. The idea is, you mark your home, or chosen geographical square on a map, and that becomes your ‘Geo’, your lottery selection if you like, in the Geosweep Lottery. It’s just 10p per day to play and as you play for 30 days at a time, each Geo selection costs £3. It sounded fantastic until one of the members of the lottery office tried to sign up for an account when it really did become an unlottery. Here’s his account of the experience he had when signing up to Geosweep:

"After I had chosen a 'Geo' I tried to purchase it. After waiting for the verification email to arrive which took a little time my account was open.I then had to enter my payment details but the whole transaction failed because GeoSweep couldn’t match my name to the electoral register. In order to continue the requirement is to enter my passport or driving license details! Why are these required at this point? I'm not making a withdrawal, I simply want to buy a £3 Geo! Needless to say I didn't enter any of the details requested.

When looking for contact details on the site all I could find was a telephone number for players and a complaint form. After filling this in I was unable to submit it! Another option seems to be Windows Live, for which I have an account. After entering those details and it denies the log in which appears to be an error on their part.

The end result is that I have wasted half and hour and still have no entry into the Geosweep. Will I try again? – No.

As you can see, our guy didn’t have much luck with Geosweep and wasn’t impressed with the results. We’ll let you decide for yourself whether Geosweep is an unlottery to flock to or one to be avoided.

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