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Unusual Lottery purchases

Last Updated: Thursday 4th March 2010, 06:04

I think we all have a wish list. An item that would be our first big purchase should our six lucky numbers come up. Are any of those items on your wish list a flock of sheep? Unlikely, but it was one of the purchases thrown up in the unusual lottery purchases list thrown up in a recent book release.

The new book, ‘We won the lottery’ has just been launched and one of the silliest, yet most intriguing sections of the book is the list of unusual purchases made by winners of the UK Lotto.

Many of us night cite a new home or a foreign holiday as our first purchase from that multi-million lottery win but you may be a little surprised at just some of the unusual lottery purchases made by winners of the UK Lotto.

The book lists what it considers to be the top ten most unusual purchases made by lotto players in the UK when they buy lotto tickets and those six winning numbers come up. They are;

  • Record and release a single
  • A pair of new knees
  • A Hair Salon
  • A racehorse
  • Robin Reliant
  • Woodland area and 300 new trees
  • Breast enlargements for her two sisters
  • Flock of sheep
  • Whiskey factory
  • A ‘Lady’ title

Of course whether they are unusual or not is all relative, to decide if they are unusual you first need to play the game of ‘What would you spend your lotto win on?’ We’re guessing the flock of sheep won’t be too high on many UK Lottery players’ lists but who knows.

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