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Weekend Lottery winners

Last Updated: Sunday 28th February 2010, 12:02

It’s been an exciting weekend for UK lottery players, with the Euromillions rollover on Friday night and then the UK National Lottery on Saturday, players were inevitably going to be excited. While the UK Lotto saw one winner, the Euromillions saw yet another rollover, pushing next week’s estimated jackpot up to £40 million.

There can be no doubt, that is going to get players pulses racing next Friday, especially when you consider that we have just seen the record UK Lottery winner on the Euromillions Lottery just a few weeks ago.

You can check both the UK Lotto results and Euromillions Lottery results on our lottery results page, also shown is the Millionaire Raffle result, and that could make you an instant UK millionaire, even though the Euromillions Lottery rolled over.

And the UK Lotto? Not all that exciting, although this week’s winner did become a millionaire, something that should be guaranteed but seems to be lacking in recent draws with lots of winners. In fact the UK Lotto winner walked away with over £4 million, something that is bound to be celebrated greatly by the winner.

You can buy lotto tickets online for the midweek UK Lotto draw, estimated at £2.5 million, or the Euromillions rollover next Friday estimated to be around £40. We know which one we’ll be buying lotto tickets for, how about you?

Good luck, check the weekend lottery numbers now and see if you were one of the UK’s luckiest lottery winners.

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