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Welsh Lotto Bonus

Last Updated: Thursday 22nd January 2015, 09:25

A Welsh Lotto player is celebrating after matching five numbers and the bonus ball to win £235,542 in the Lotto draw on Saturday 11 October, 2008. Terry Jones, who lives in Blaenau Ffestiniog and works for International Power, won his six figure fortune thanks to a Lucky Dip ticket that lived up to its name.

Many Lotto winners don’t discover their win until a day or two after the draw, but Terry checked his numbers on Saturday night. Initially he thought he’d won the lowest prize possible, but then he checked the numbers again and the truth dawned on him.

“I got in at about 10.30pm on Saturday night, and checked the winning numbers on the TV,” Terry explained. “I saw I’d matched three numbers and thought I’d won a tenner. Then I looked again and it dawned on me that I’d got six numbers – I couldn’t believe it!”

Terry is a bachelor and has always lived in Blaenau Ffestiniog. Gripped by the sudden urge to share the good news about his Lotto win, he decided to pick up the phone.

“I phoned my sister Anne to tell her first,” he explained, “and then I went over to her house where we had a celebratory drink with her and my brother-in-law.”

Rather than rush into anything, Terry has wisely decided to take some time out before making any firm spending plans. “I’m planning to go to the Caribbean at Christmas to get some winter sun and think about what to do with rest of the money”, Terry said.

One thing that he knows he won’t be doing is quitting his job at International Power. “I’m not going to give up work – I’ll probably spend some money on home improvements and then invest the rest for my retirement,” he said. “It’s a fantastic feeling just to know the money is there.”

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