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Welsh Winner Scoops A Million

Last Updated: Wednesday 7th August 2013, 16:34

A Lotto player in Wales is celebrating after winning a £1,173,269 share of the 27 January national lottery jackpot. Celestina Setterlund, from Newport in Wales, has a part time job stacking shelves for her local Sainsbury's store, but her sudden millionaire status means that she can now start stacking up a whole new life for herself.

Celestina, who lives with her partner Carl and three children, was at home when she discovered the lucky hand that fate had dealt her. Carl, however, was working the night shift for his job as a mill operator, so she had to call him to share the good news.

"I rang Carl straight away and said he had to come home because I'd got all six numbers on the lottery," Celestina explained. "He came back at about half nine, but then had to go back to work because he'd left all the machines on!"

With her partner fully informed, Celestina called her other close relatives, and because they live nearby they enjoyed an impromptu champagne celebration which lasted until 5:30 the following morning. This gave new millionaires plenty of time to think about how she might spend her fortune.

"I buy a lottery ticket every week," she said, "and every week I tell my sister Angie that we will go on a shopping trip to New York if I win, so that is exactly what we are going to do! Carl and I are also planning on buying a new car, probably Land Rover, and of course we will treat the kids. So far, Mia has asked to give up school and have a pony - and we've said no to both!"

Overall, Celestina's win is going to have a major impact on her life. As she says in her own words, "The win means we can treat ourselves to things we never thought we could afford, and have financial security as a family. I'm just overwhelmed by it all."

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