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Will Merlin work his magic for Lotto rollover

Last Updated: Tuesday 3rd August 2010, 10:13

Tomorrow evening we have a UK Lotto double rollover to look forward to but it’s an odd pattern of lottery results and selections that have caught our interest. Every Wednesday night since Wednesday June 30th there has been a Lotto rollover and for the last seven draws, Merlin has been the randomly chosen lottery machine, something that has a one in eleven chance of happening each draw.

Random acts of randomness, throwing out discernable patterns show more than anything how the lottery works. Random numbers, random machines, odds of millions to one and yet someone wins in the end. That’s what’s great about the lottery, one week a jackpot may be shared by five winners, the following no winners at all. A lottery machine can be chosen over and over, for no other reason than random selection and of course, it’s that random selection that could make you a National Lottery double rollover winner tomorrow evening.

The estimated jackpot for the midweek lottery draw is £10 million. Will Merlin be chosen again and work his magic for the lottery rollover? Will it matter anyway? Will we have another rollover? Will you be the winning player? The only way to answer these questions is to ensure you buy lottery tickets for the estimated £10 million National Lottery double rollover tomorrow evening.

Don’t forget to check back here for all the lottery results, news and winners information, if the randomness allows a winner of course!

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