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Will the EuroMillions Jackpot be Won Tonight?

Last Updated: Friday 16th January 2015, 10:46

EuroMillionsTonight there is an impressive EuroMillions rollover jackpot on offer to win that is estimated at a staggering £138 million. This is the highest the top prize has reached this year in this lottery so many players are getting excited for tonight’s draw as it isn’t often you see the EuroMillions jackpot climb to this impressive height. The EuroMillions jackpot has been rolling over for quite a few weeks now therefore the question everyone is asking is will the EuroMillions jackpot be won tonight?

The last time there was a jackpot win in the EuroMillions was on the 19th June when a ticket purchased in Portugal matched the five plus two combination drawn in the results. Since then there hasn’t been a top prize win, but that could all change tonight if any players strike lucky and manage to match the numbers drawn in the EuroMillions results.

Tonight is a big EuroMillions draw however last Friday’s draw was in fact one of the biggest (and certainly memorable) EuroMillions draws ever. This is because to link with the Olympic Opening Ceremony the EuroMillions had its 100 UK Millionaires draw and almost a week since this special draw there have been roughly 80% of the £1 million prizes claimed, therefore there are still some tickets holders that still haven't come forward to claim there £1 million prizes.

If you fancy winning this EuroMillions jackpot tonight then you have to be in it to win it so make sure you have your tickets ready because you never know, you could be waking up tomorrow a multi-millionaire.

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