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Will tonights Lotto winners be millionaires

Last Updated: Wednesday 30th June 2010, 10:41

It’s Wednesday and that of course means it’s the National Lottery UK Lotto draw but after the results of the last few weeks one wonders if the UK Lotto winners will even be millionaires. When the UK Lotto launched, prizes were big and millionaires were plentiful but these days the jackpots are more modest and many jackpots are shared between several winners so often jackpot winners are not even collecting £1 million.

Imagine it, you buy your lottery tickets, spend all week dreaming about what you might spend the jackpot on, watch the draw and match all six numbers, pandemonium ensues as you and your family celebrate and decide what to spend your millions on but when you actually declare your tickets, you find that the lottery had many winners and your jackpot is much smaller than you expected.

Last Saturday the National Lottery jackpot was £4.7 million but a six way share meant that players only collected £954,000 and last Wednesday a £1.5 million jackpot was shared seven ways giving players just £225,000, less than a Thunderball win!

Of course there are many who would say that this is how the prizes should be distributed, that many winners for smaller prizes is better and we’re supposing they are right. £225,000 for a £1 stake is still a very good result and the shared jackpots mean there are many more than benefit from the draw.

Tonight’s UK Lotto is worth an estimated £2.4 million, check our lottery results tomorrow to see if that jackpot is won by a single winner or shared many ways!

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