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Work syndicate hits the lotto

Last Updated: Monday 5th July 2010, 08:03

It’s always great to hear in the lottery news about lottery syndicates sharing jackpots. What better way to celebrate winning the lottery than to have a bunch of friends, colleagues or family celebrate along with you? This week we heard about an eleven strong lottery syndicate who shared a £1 million lottery win and how they have been celebrating their good fortune.

The eleven strong lottery syndicate has been running since the launch of the National Lottery in 1994 and has kept the very same lottery numbers since day one. However, those lottery numbers hadn’t proved lucky for them and just a few days before the win they were discussing the fact that they had never so much won more than a tenner.

It’s very lucky they stuck with the lottery syndicate however, as the very next day they matched all six numbers in the Saturday National Lottery draw and scooped a share of the £4.8 million jackpot.

Four other winners in the draw meant that each winner collected almost £1 million, and that was the lottery syndicate prize this group had to share. After giving each of the eleven members of the BSS Drainage syndicate from Eastleigh, Hampshire £86,812.18.

Lotto syndicate are becoming increasingly popular and it’s little wonder, strength in numbers is the only real way to increase your lottery chances. So grab a few friends or colleagues, get a syndicate agreement written up and buy lottery tickets as a syndicate to increase your chances of a lottery win. Hook up now to multiply your chances of a big win!

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