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Would a lotto win change you

Last Updated: Wednesday 5th May 2010, 11:39

We all say it, that if we won the lotto it wouldn’t change us, but would a lotto win really change you? That’s the question we’re asking today as we read about the last big UK Lotto winner. Steve Smith and his wife won £19 million on a triple UK Lotto rollover draw in 2008. The couple became one of the biggest UK Lottery winners but the win hasn’t changed them and Mr Smith in particular still has an eye for a bargain.

Steve and Ida Smith gave away half of their win to friends and family. The couple are 70 and are more into the comforts of life. Like the Range Rover Steve bought when he won the lottery, a car he says is like sitting on the sofa to drive. This and their £1 million bungalow have been their biggest extravagances from their triple rollover win but there have been no sports cars or foreign holidays for this couple who don’t feel the need to splash out.

In fact, Mr Smith claims to still buy bargain toilet roll, and haggle down prices at his local antiques auction. It seems that money can’t change the habits of a lifetime and for this couple, most things remain the same.

The couple won the triple rollover in 2008 on a lucky dip lottery ticket, just after doctors had informed Mr Smith he had a heart complaint and that he shouldn’t get excited. That would make a £19 million win against doctors orders surely but they do seem to be coping well with their wealth, even if it hasn’t changed them.

We’re always bringing you news stories of lottery winners who can’t handle their new found fame so we thought it would be nice to bring you this story of a couple who managed to keep their feet on the ground, £19 million later.

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