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X Factor Beats Lottery Ratings

Last Updated: Wednesday 12th September 2018, 12:11

Saturday night television has always been known to be hugely popular attracting massive ratings and the National Lottery draw show is by far one of the most popular shows of any Saturday evening as players check those winning numbers to see if they are an instant millionaire. Yet as popular as it is, last night saw the return of the X Factor which easily beat the lotto in the ratings race.

It was the first show in the series for the X Factor shown on ITV and was watched by a staggering 10 million viewers, completely wiping the floor with the competition in the ratings rivalry.

To give you an idea of just what a big percentage of the market that is, the closest competitor in the ratings was the National Lottery results show which attracted an audience of just 2.3 million, much less than the audiences the lotto used to attract when it first began.

The X Factor show certainly got off to a great start too with a new format and a brand new lot of hopefuls trying their skills at singing and entertaining the newly introduced studio audience.

Of course now with the advent of the internet, sites like this one and of course the National Lottery website there is little need to watch the main lotto draw show anymore and this development will probably lead to even less players checking their lottery tickets against the live draw and even more logging on to check them online.

The X Factor of course never fails to be entertaining and no doubt will be attracting big audiences until it steals the Christmas number one later this year.

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