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Types of Syndicate

There are a number of different options for buying lottery tickets as part of a group. You can create your own syndicate with friends, family, or work colleagues, join one that someone has already set up, or buy shares in an online syndicate. Find out more about the different types of syndicate.

Online Syndicates

Online syndicates are a great option because they are simple to enter. When it comes to offline lottery syndicates, it may be that you can’t quite persuade your friends or colleagues to join your group, or you would just prefer not to spend the time needed to arrange everything and buy tickets. In those instances, playing online is the perfect alternative.

When you join an online lottery syndicate, all the hard work is done for you. Tickets are bought on your behalf and you just have to decide how many shares you want to buy. The more you purchase, the greater your share of any prize won by the group.

You can join an online syndicate for Lotto or Thunderball , giving you an improved chance of winning at a low cost. See the different lottery syndicate options by selecting the game you wish to join below:

  • Lotto - The National Lottery’s flagship draw game takes place every Wednesday and Saturday. The jackpot is a minimum of £2 million and it can grow much higher, while Must Be Won draws make it more likely that you will receive a far larger payout than normal in lower prize categories.
  • Thunderball - With four draws a week, Thunderball gives you regular opportunities to play for big prizes. The jackpot is a fixed £500,000 per winner, while there are nine different ways to win.

Offline Syndicates

You can also join forces with friends, family members, neighbours or work colleagues in a lottery syndicate. You can pick any game, decide how many entries you want to submit and share in each other’s success.

Playing with others in this way is exciting and increases your chances of winning, but you should make sure you have a group syndicate agreement in place so that everyone understands the rules. Go to the Create Syndicate page to see the sort of points you might want to include in your agreement, plus the responsibilities of the syndicate manager.