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European Millionaire Maker

The European Millionaire Maker is a supplementary raffle held at certain times over the course of a year alongside a main EuroMillions draw. It gives multiple ticket holders in all nine participating countries another chance to win big. See the UK Millionaire Maker page if you’re looking for information about that raffle, which is conducted separately to the European Millionaire Maker.

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How to Play

When a European Millionaire Maker raffle is scheduled, you are automatically entered at no extra cost when you buy a line of numbers for the EuroMillions draw on the same night. You will receive a unique, randomly-generated raffle code on your ticket, consisting of four letters and five numbers - such as HJK23456 - for every EuroMillions line you play. Each participating country has certain initial letters that their code starts with, and codes for UK ticket holders always begin with H, J, M, T, V, X or Z. The same code is entered into both the European and UK Millionaire Maker draws when they are held on the same night.

A number of winning raffle codes will be drawn, and you must match the full four letters and five numbers to win a prize. The code will be the same one used in the UK Millionaire Maker draw, so it is possible to win prizes in both games.

Winning Locations

The Europe-wide raffle provides a number of seven-figure awards every time it is drawn. The first ever European Millionaire Maker game took place on Friday 28th October 2016, offering prizes to 25 lucky ticket holders. Find out how many raffle prizes were won in each country below:

Country No. winners on
23rd February 2018
No. winners on
28th October 2016
Austria 0 0
Belgium 4 4
France 4 8
Ireland 1 0
Luxembourg 0 3
Portugal 3 2
Spain 7 4
Switzerland 1 1
United Kingdom 5 3
Total 25 25