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Millionaire Maker

Millionaire MakerUK Millionaire Maker, previously called the UK Millionaire Raffle, is a free supplementary game which is played alongside the EuroMillions lottery. Since 2009, each line of EuroMillions numbers purchased also includes an entry into the supplementary raffle which guarantees that at least one ticket holder in every draw will win £1 million. The National Lottery occasionally marks special events by offering an increased number of £1 million prizes. Special events can be anything from a Christmas or New Year draw to one off events like the celebration of the 2012 London Olympics.

In September 2016, Millionaire Maker will change, with a minimum of two £1 million awards on offer in every draw. Read more about the changes to EuroMillions at the dedicated page. View Millionaire Maker Results ›

The National Lottery Commission changed the name of the game to UK Millionaire Maker in October 2014 after seeking approval for a modification to the current licence. The changes will benefit players, as well as the Good Causes Fund which uses revenue from National Lottery ticket sales to support valuable initiatives across the country.

The new Millionaire Maker game offers the same guaranteed £1 million prize in each EuroMillions draw with additional, luxurious non-cash prizes offered on Mega Friday, the name given to the last Friday draw of every month. Previous prizes have included a fortnight on the beautiful Makepeace Island in Australia and a choice of dream trips, taking in major landmarks in Australia, Peru or Brazil. The holidays typically include business class flights and five-star accommodation. To find out more information on upcoming draws visit the Mega Friday page.

How Millionaire Maker Works

Playing the UK Millionaire Maker game is easy as one entry is automatically included with every line of EuroMillions numbers purchased. Each entry code is unique and stands exactly the same chance of being draw as any other code. If you purchase tickets which cover draws over several weeks, you will receive a single code for each line of EuroMillions numbers and that code will be included in each of the draws you are participating in. The game works like a raffle, with one ticket guaranteed to win in each draw and, therefore, means there is no chance of a rollover.

Millionaire Maker codes are generated with three letters and six numbers, with new codes created for each draw featuring a different starting letter. For instance, a Tuesday draw’s new codes might start with AAA, with the Friday’s Millionaire Maker codes beginning with BBB. However, Iif you purchase tickets which cover draws over several weeks, you will receive a single code for each line of EuroMillions numbers and that code will be included in each of the draws you are participating in.

This explains why, when looking back through historical results, the first letters of the winning Millionaire Maker codes don’t always run alphabetically. You could see this pattern develop, for instance:

Draw Day Millionaire Maker
Tuesday AAA111111
Friday BBB111111
Tuesday CCC111111
Friday AAA222222

The winner of the fourth draw most likely bought a multidraw ticket in advance of the first draw.

The letters and numbers generated have no bearing on your chances of winning and there is certainly no favouring the new codes created for tickets bought solely for that draw. All valid codes for each draw are loaded into an automatic draw machine which guarantees to choose one of them completely at random.

Due to the fact that every EuroMillions ticket holder is entered into the Millionaire Maker draw and one winner is usually chosen, the odds of winning fluctuate each time it is played. For example, if 4 million EuroMillions lines were played, the chances of any one code being drawn out would be one in 4 million. If 11 million EuroMillions tickets were purchased in the UK for a given draw, the odds of a single code winning the prize would therefore be one in 11 million.

However, because it is fair to say more tickets are purchased for Friday draws than Tuesday draws and more are bought for games with bigger jackpots than those at the base jackpot of £11 million (€15 million), it is possible to give you an approximate idea of the Millionaire Maker odds based on expected sales:

Date of Draw Type of Draw Estimated Odds of Winning
Tuesday Base Draw 1 in 4,800,000
Friday Base Draw 1 in 7,500,000
Tuesday By the 4th Rollover 1 in 5,400,000
Friday By the 4th Rollover 1 in 8,700,000

Claiming a Millionaire Maker Prize

If you've matched the winning code to become the latest Millionaire Maker prize winner, visit our Lottery Claims page to learn more about how to claim your prize. All prizes must be claimed within 180 days of the draw.