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How to Play Lotto HotPicks

Lotto HotPicks is a different spin on a familiar game, as you get to pick how many numbers you want to enter into the draw, as well as which numbers you play. Follow the four simple steps below to learn how to play Lotto HotPicks.

Picking your numbers

Decide how many numbers to pick

HotPicks is unique in that you get to choose how many numbers to play. Select on the playslip how many numbers you want to pick, from a minimum of one to a maximum of five. The game costs £1 per line regardless of how many numbers you choose to play.

There are different prizes on offer depending on how many numbers you pick. Go to the Lotto HotPicks Prizes and Odds page to find out more.

Picking your numbers

Pick your numbers

Once you’ve decided how many numbers you want to play, the next step is to pick them. The range of numbers to choose from is between 1 and 59 – you cannot choose the same number more than once.

You can either choose your own numbers or you can go for a Lucky Dip, which will give you a set of randomly generated numbers to play.

Choosing your draws

Confirm which draws to enter

Lotto HotPicks is played using the winning numbers from the main Lotto draw, which takes place every Wednesday at 8.00pm and on Saturdays at 7.45pm. You can choose which draws to take part in, so you can play in either of the draws or both of them.

The sales cut-off for Lotto HotPicks is 7.30pm on draw days. You can purchase entries at any time on other days.

Choose Weeks

Play in advance

You can enter Lotto HotPicks one draw at a time or you can play in advance. There are two options for advance play: either select how many weeks you want to play for or set up a Direct Debit to play on a continuous basis.

Your numbers will then be entered into all draws on your chosen days for the duration of the selected period. If you set up a Direct Debit you can change your numbers at any time.

How does HotPicks Work?

Unlike most lotteries, where you must select a specific amount of numbers and all ticket holders can win the same prizes, Lotto HotPicks allows you to choose how many numbers you want to play and how much prize money you want to try and win.

winning, the biggest difference is that in HotPicks you must match all the numbers you pick. If you pick five numbers, for example, you must match all five to win; there are no prizes for matching four or fewer numbers. In the standard Lotto game, you pick six numbers and win if you match two or more of them.

The biggest advantage of HotPicks - aside from the flexibility it offers – is the prize money. The top prize, for matching five numbers, is £350,000, compared to the £1,750 prize that you get for doing the same in Lotto. It is easier to match five numbers in Lotto as you have six possible numbers to hit, but you get a much better return in HotPicks.