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Lotto HotPicks Questions and Answers

Lotto HotPicks works in a slightly different way to most of the National Lottery’s other games. If you have any questions about HotPicks – whether you want to know more about how it works or how it’s different to Lotto – you will be able to find the answers on this page.

How does Lotto HotPicks work?

In Lotto HotPicks you decide how many numbers to pick – from one to five – and you win a set prize if you match all of your numbers. For example, if you pick one number and match it, which is known as a Pick 1 game, you win £6. If you pick five numbers and match all five you win the top prize of £350,000. You must match all of your numbers to win.

When do Lotto HotPicks draws take place?

Lotto HotPicks uses the same winning numbers as the main Lotto draw, which takes place at 8.00pm every Wednesday and every Saturday at 7.45pm. Six numbers are drawn and you must match between one and five of them, depending on how many numbers you decided to pick.

When do ticket sales close?

On draw days you have until 7.30pm to purchase your tickets, but you can enter at any time on other days of the week.

How much is it to play?

It costs £1 per line to play Lotto HotPicks. It’s the same cost no matter how many numbers you pick.

Can I enter Lotto HotPicks in advance?

Yes, you can play up to four weeks – eight draws – at a time, or if you play online you can begin a Direct Debit to play on a continual basis.

Do I have to play Lotto in order to play HotPicks?

Lotto HotPicks is a standalone game, so you do not need to play Lotto in order to play HotPicks. You can enter either game or both.

How many numbers do I need to match to win?

You must match all of your chosen numbers to win a prize. If you play a Pick 1 game, for example, you choose just one number and win by matching that one number. If you play a Pick 5 game, you must match all five numbers.

Is Lotto HotPicks the same as Lotto?

Aside from using the same numbers, the games operate very differently. In Lotto, you must pick six numbers and you get the chance to win one of six different prizes with every entry. You could match two numbers to win a free Lucky Dip, for example, or you could match six numbers to win the jackpot. In Lotto HotPicks you choose how many numbers to play, for the chance to win a specific prize, and you must match all of your numbers to win.

Does the top prize roll over?

No, the top prize in HotPicks is set at £350,000 in every draw, unless prize capping is activated.

When are Lotto HotPicks prizes capped?

The prize fund for each HotPicks draw is capped based on how many tickets are sold. If the total value of the payouts for a particular game – for example, the Pick 5 game – exceeds this maximum, the payouts may be lower than the advertised amounts. This will only take effect in exceptional circumstances, when the number of winners is disproportionately higher than the number of tickets sold. Go to the Prizes and Odds page to find a more detailed explanation of prize capping.

Does the Bonus Ball count in HotPicks?

No, the Bonus Ball does not count in Lotto HotPicks. You do not select one on your ticket and you cannot use the Bonus Ball as one of your matching numbers.