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£15 Million Lotto Prize Must Be Won on 27th June

Last Updated: Thursday 11th June 2020, 09:51

A special Must Be Won Lotto draw is set to take place on Saturday 27th June. The jackpot will be increased to £15 million in what will be the biggest Lotto event of the year to date.

The last time that such a large jackpot was put up for grabs in Lotto was on Christmas Day in 2019, when the £15 million top prize ended up rolling down to winners in lower categories after nobody matched all six main numbers.

This is what happens in a Must Be Won draw when there is no jackpot winner, as the top prize is guaranteed to be given away on the night and cannot roll over.

It won’t cost you any extra to enter the special draw on 27th June and the draw will work in the same way as any other - with six main numbers randomly selected from 1 to 59, followed by a Bonus Ball.

However, there are better odds of winning a larger prize than usual. If you match three main numbers, for example, you receive a fixed prize of £30 in a standard draw. In a Must be Won draw, you might be paid more than £100 if the jackpot rolls down. The exact amount depends on how many winners the prize fund must be split between.

Must Be Won draws normally take place after the Lotto jackpot has rolled over for five times in a row. In the following draw, the top prize has to be won and is split between everyone who has won a cash prize if there are no Match 6 winners.

The beauty of the upcoming draw on 27th June is that it has been announced in advance so you don’t need to keep an eye on the progress of the jackpot to know when a Must Be Won draw might be coming. The £15 million on offer is also larger than the amount that is typically generated by a run of five rollovers - historically this has usually been between £11 million and £13 million.

The Lotto jackpot was won twice in May and another player banked £2 million on Wednesday 3rd June. Another big giveaway is guaranteed on Saturday 27th, even if the jackpot has to roll down. Get involved in the game by purchasing tickets from a retailer or taking part online.

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