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25 million reasons to buy lottery tickets

Last Updated: Friday 19th November 2010, 09:51

Lottery players in the UK today have 25 million reasons to buy lottery tickets as the Euromillions Lottery rolled over last week. That means tonight’s Euromillions Lottery draw is worth an estimated £25 million, giving lottery players plenty to look forward to after last week’s Millionaire SuperRaffle. With the midweek National Lottery jackpot going to one single lottery player, this Euromillions rollover is just what UK lottery players need to brighten up the weekend.

Of course the Euromillions draw is played right across Europe but UK players have been very lucky of late so with a bit of luck, this £25 million Euromillions rollover will be going to a UK Lottery player.

There’s also the Millionaire Raffle to be won, and while there may not be ten draws as there was last week, there is a still a guaranteed £1 million prize to go to lottery player in the UK.

However, while you are buying lottery tickets for tonight’s Euromillions, do check the unclaimed prizes list on the National Lottery website. You may be trying to secure that big Euromillions Lottery prize and already have a prize waiting for you at the lottery offices. There are two Euromillions prizes to expire this December and each of them is worth over a quarter of a million, a life-changing amount of money. However, if they are not claimed within a few weeks, both prizes will go to charity. Don’t just buy your lottery tickets and shove them in your pocket, treat them as cash and always check the lottery results!

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