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A Lotto money can’t buy everything

Last Updated: Sunday 3rd January 2010, 12:53

One lottery winner is realizing that money doesn’t buy everything. Mark Gardiner won half a share of a £22.6 million UK Lotto jackpot back in 1995 when the lottery first started but now he has a seriously ill nephew in Mexico and even that amount of money cannot help him.

Mark’s Nephew, Phillip Pain is fighting for his life in Mexico after falling from a seventh floor hotel balcony on New Year’s Day. The young man needs a blood transfusion before doctors can operate on him but this is being hampered as Mr Pain is of blood type O Negative, which is incredibly rare in Latin America.

Philip Pain is just 21 and currently in a medically induced coma in Mexico after falling from a hotel balcony on New Years Day. He has broken legs, a broken back and crushed internal organs, none of his family are of the same blood group and no blood donors have come forward. This means that despite a winning lottery ticket his Uncle Mark Gardiner can’t help at all.

Mr Gardiner of Hastings, Sussex won a half share of a multi-rollover lotto jackpot in 1995 but despite his fortune, all the money in the world can’t help in a situation like this.

Money is so important to most of us, until someone doesn’t have good health and then you realise that money isn’t important at all, what is important is health and the happiness of ourselves and those around us.

Mark Gardiner would happy give away every single penny of his lotto win if it would save his nephew.

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