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Another Jackpot Win for the UK Lotto

Last Updated: Tuesday 21st February 2012, 12:52

UK LottoOn Saturday night the UK Lotto took place and the results from this weekend draw show that it is another jackpot win for the UK Lotto. Yet again this lottery game has produced top prize winners, meaning that now the jackpot has been won three times in a row. On Saturday night the jackpot came out at £3,394,314 (originally estimated at £4.1 million) and thee lucky ticket holders matched the six numbers drawn to equally split the top prize.

In addition to the UK Lotto jackpot being won, there were an impressive amount of winners in the remaining four prize tiers. Normally only a handful of players win the second tier prize by matching five numbers along with the Bonus Ball, however on Saturday night there were 29 ticket holders that each won £36,013 in this tier. In total there were 705,048 ticket holders that won a prize at weekend, which is roughly a quarter of a million more than the total amount for last Saturday night’s draw.

This UK Lotto weekend draw saw the use of yet again the ball machine Lancelot, which every time it has been used in the past two months has produced jackpot winners. Some players like to associate luck with different ball machines, therefore to date this year, Lancelot has proved the luckiest draw machine by far.

The end of December 2011 saw three consecutive jackpot wins, so the question is can the next draw surpass three wins in a row? The current jackpot available to win is estimated at £2.2 million, so it will be interesting to see if any players will match the UK Lotto results in Wednesday night's draw to win this top prize and make it four wins in a row.


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