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Another Jackpot Win for the UK Lotto

Last Updated: Tuesday 21st February 2012, 12:52

UK LottoAs you may have gathered by now a winning streak has developed in the UK Lotto. Since the 7th January 2012 every jackpot has been won and Saturday night’s draw was no different as it witnessed another jackpot win for the UK Lotto. This means that the jackpot has now been won seven times in a row, but will this winning streak remain to make it eight wins in a row, or will this current jackpot, estimated at £2.2 million start to rollover in Wednesday’s draw?

Lottery Balls
Wednesday's Lotto Jackpot:
£5.3 Million

    The results from the weekend UK Lotto draw in case you haven’t seen them already were 10, 12, 25, 28, 31, 40 and the Bonus Ball was 1. On Saturday night the jackpot was won by six lucky ticket holders who matched all six of the numbers drawn in the UK Lotto results to win the jackpot that came out at £3,964,818. As there were quite a few top prize winners, it meant that that jackpot was split equally between them all, meaning that each winner got to take home £660,803.

    Having six ticket holders win the jackpot in one draw doesn’t happened very often as it is usually either one or two ticket holders that both match the numbers drawn. The last time there were quite a few jackpot winners was on the 29th October 2011, when eight ticket holders matched all six numbers drawn to split the top prize that came out at £3,997,456 and they each took home £499,682.

    It will be interesting to see any players match the UK Lotto results in Wednesday’s UK Lotto draw to become jackpot winners. This draw will be the first UK Lotto draw of February 2012, so have your tickets ready and you never know you could just walk away with the top prize.

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