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Can You Choose Lotto Numbers To Boost Your Chances of Winning?

Last Updated: Thursday 27th July 2017, 10:57

It has been another successful year for Lotto players, with some huge jackpots given away and hundreds of thousands of prizes won in every draw. However, if you’re still waiting to scoop that life-changing sum of money, you may be wondering if there is any way to increase your chances of winning.

As the only way to guarantee winning the jackpot is to play all 45,057,474 combinations of Lotto numbers, a more practical solution may be to join a syndicate. By playing in a group, you can own a share of more tickets whilst splitting the costs, and then enjoy the success together if your numbers come up. But is there a way to boost your chances of winning simply with the numbers you pick?

Some players like to use Lotto Statistics to inform their selections. In this way, you can see which numbers have been drawn most frequently and which numbers are the most overdue, as well as which numbers have regularly been drawn together as pairs or triplets. It is worth remembering, though, that past results do not have an influence on future draws, in the same way that the outcome of a coin toss has no impact on the outcome of the next coin toss.

The odds are the same for all possible combinations, but players can still help themselves by selecting numbers which other ticket holders are not using. While this does not improve the chances of winning, it does mean that you would be less likely to have to share a prize with other players if your numbers are drawn.

There are a couple of tricks you could employ to try and choose different numbers. As many players like to use important dates such as birthdays, it is a good idea to pick at least a number or two from the higher range of 32-59. You should also try to avoid using patterns for a similar reason. If the numbers 7, 14, 21, 28, 35 and 42 were drawn, for example, it is likely that several participants would have chosen these numbers as they are all multiples of seven, and every winner would therefore be left with a smaller prize.

If you want to play a random selection, you could either opt for a Lucky Dip or try the Lotto Number Generator. The number generator creates a Lotto line in an instant and, if you don’t fancy the numbers, you can also generate another set before going on to play.

Regardless of how you wish to pick your numbers, you have to be in it to win it, and you can get involved in the next Lotto draw by either visiting an authorised retailer or choosing your numbers online. Good luck!

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