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Could Joining a Lotto Syndicate Help You Win £57.8 Million?

Last Updated: Friday 8th January 2016, 13:43

With Saturday’s Lotto draw reaching a record-breaking £57.8 million, and a winner certain to be found, perhaps you’re interested in shortening your odds of winning by joining up with others to buy tickets? Syndicates are a fantastic way of narrowing those long odds, without having to fork out large amounts of your hard earned cash on tickets.

With this weekend’s prize practically there for the taking, the odds of you winning could go down from 1 in 45 million to a far kinder 1 in 7.5 million if there is no jackpot winner and the whole prize rolls down into the next tier with winning players. However, those odds could decrease even further should you band together with other Lotto fans.

A great example of how friendly, and fruitful, a lottery syndicate can be came in July 2005 when a group of 11 Tesco workers scooped a colossal Lotto jackpot of £18.2 million. The group, all of whom worked in the Driffield branch of the supermarket giant, had been playing with 13 lines in each draw. Nine members pocketed £1.4 million each, while another two managed to get their hands on £2.8 million, as they held more shares in the syndicate.

Over a decade on from their life-changing win, the collective insist that the money hasn’t changed them, with the majority still great friends.  A member of the successful syndicate, Sue Harris, still a resident of the small Yorkshire town of Driffield, says that when the group meet, there is never any talk of money. Instead the group opt to discuss everyday life.

The win hasn’t stopped Sue, along with her husband, Norman, from enjoying a normal life with a few perks thrown into the mix. Having originally bought a new trailer tent with their winnings, the couple claim not to have had much use out of it:  “We hardly have time to use it now ­in-between cruises, which is how we treat ourselves these days.”

If you’re keen on the idea of increasing your odds of winning the lottery, but cannot face the agonising task of chasing round all of your friends and collecting money, an online Lotto syndicate may be more your cup of tea. Best of all, it isn’t too late to join one ahead of tomorrow’s draw. Good luck!

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