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Couple Win £1 Million on Lottery Scratchcard

Last Updated: Friday 16th January 2015, 09:10

Lotto ScratchcardA couple from York definitely had a weekend to remember as they won a £1 million jackpot on a lottery scratchcard. This lucky couple, who have been named as Carl and Amanda Ruddock, came forward to collect their winnings over the weekend which now sees them millionaires. The scratchcard in question that landed this couple with £1 million was the National Lottery Millionaire 777s Scratchcard which Amanda purchased on her way home on Thursday 25th April.

Carl and Amanda are regular scratchcard players however this was the first time they purchased a Millionaire 777s card, so beginners luck was definitely the case here. Amanda picked this particular card as the customer in front had also selected that card and when she first started scratching off the panels she thought she had won £100, however when she saw it was in fact £1 million she had to read it multiple times to make sure.

The couple, who are already married with four children, plan on renewing their wedding vows, pass their driving tests and purchase new cars, buy their eldest sons new bikes, treat themselves to holidays and Amanda wants to set up her own cleaning business.

The Millionaires 777s card which this couple landed the jackpot win on has in fact two more £1 million prizes waiting to be won either online or at various lottery retailers in the UK – so if you fancy winning an impressive prize like this instantly, why not try your lucky today!

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