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Double Rollover for UK Lotto!

Last Updated: Wednesday 23rd September 2020, 13:57

Despite enthusiastic ticket sales for the first UK Lotto draw of August, the top prize proved elusive for the second time in a row, creating the first double rollover jackpot since September 2012. However, despite there being no jackpot winner there were still a staggering number of secondary prize winners, so check your ticket now to see if you were one of them!

There were an impressive 17 ticket holders who matched five main numbers plus the Bonus ball, each taking home the princely sum of £52,389. This is the highest number of second tier winners seen on the UK Lotto since the middle of June 2013, when 19 lucky players shared a grand total of £1.1 million.

A further 862 ticket holders succeeded in matching five numbers to win £645 each, followed by a massive 42,462 players who matched four numbers to win £28.00. An extraordinary 660,720 players won the set £10 prize by matching three numbers.

The high number of secondary prize winners meant that the jackpot, which was originally estimated at £5.9 million, ended up coming in at a fraction over £5 million. This is because the set prize of £10 is paid out of the prize funds first, so when there are a larger number of winners the amount then allocated to the pari-mutuel prize tiers can end up being less than the estimation.

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