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Downing Street produces winning Geo

Last Updated: Wednesday 8th December 2010, 12:00

On Sunday 5th December Downing Street produced a winning Geo netting the owner a cash prize of £1,000 and 5 runner up Geo’s £22! Taking a look at the Google map shows that 10 Downing Street is an unoccupied Geo and we wonder how long before David Cameron takes his chances on the GeoSweep – the Un-Lottery! On Downing Street there are actually several Geo’s that have been purchased ...

...however the best known address in the country currently remains unoccupied!

How people choose their Geo’s is wide and varied. At National Lottery HQ we have players who have chosen GeoSweep places based on where they were married, where there children were born or simply where they live. How would you choose yours?

On the GeoLottery website for the last seven days we have seen winners as follows:

  • macaskill009 bought his GEO on 8th November 2010 and has already won £1,000 from his Canary Wharf location
  • Knittery purchased their Charlotte Street Geo on 18th October 2010 and netted £1,000 on 2nd December
  • Lansolo’s Cross Road, Romford Geo was purchased on 20th October and won £1,000 on 3rd December
  • Sunfield Gardens earnt £1,000 on December 4th for John 18 who bought his Geo on 17th October

With a month’s worth of daily draws only costing you £3 per Geo the Geosweep UnLottery is definitely a bargain when you consider it works out at just 10p a day to play! For the lucky winners so far this month it was most certainly £3 well spent! You can check all the results by logging into your GeoSweep account.

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