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Euromillions Jackpot expected to be Above Average

Last Updated: Monday 23rd November 2015, 16:53

After the Euromillions Superdraw last week, this Fridays Euromillions Jackpot is expected to be above average for the draw. That’s because after a bumper jackpot lottery players become bathed in reflected glory and buy more tickets, research shows, pushing the estimated jackpot up a little higher than usual.

Whether his will be the case this Friday is yet to be seen, the base jackpot for the Euromillions Lottery is usually around £12 million. However, with the Superdraw still in our minds eye, it can be expected to be above £13 million this week making it a great time to play.

You can buy lottery tickets directly from our pages for the draw and then you could possibly find that you are the next big Euromillions lottery winner, following in the footsteps of the fifteen-strong French lottery syndicate, who scooped the Superdraw jackpot last weekend.

You can keep an eye on the draw and the Euromillions jackpot to see if our theory for a base jackpot will be realised and of course if this weekend’s draw produces no winners then the jackpot will be on the climb again and who knows where the next big winner will be from, or indeed how many weeks, and rollovers it will take to find them.

Good luck for the draw which will be held in Paris this Friday evening, tickets are £1.50 in the UK, not a bad amount for your chance to scoop £12 million, or even higher if our theory is correct!

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