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EuroMillions Superdraws

EuroMillions Superdraws are special events in which the jackpot is boosted to a huge sum – often more than £100 million – and they are responsible for creating some of the biggest lottery winners the UK has ever seen. Superdraws take place several times a year and have offered billions of pounds in prize money in total since the first one in 2007.

EuroMillions Superdraws 2021 - When will the next one take place?

The date for the next Superdraw has not yet been confirmed. As part of changes made to EuroMillions in February 2020, a minimum of three Superdraws per year are planned. The most recent Superdraw on 24th September means that this target has been achieved for 2021.

Be sure to check back regularly for updates.

Draw Date Outcome Notes
24th September 2021 TBC -
4th June 2021 Jackpot Won in UK A UK player landed the second Superdraw jackpot of 2021, matching all seven numbers on the day of the big event. This ended the chances of it rolling all the way over to the jackpot cap like the previous two Superdraws. The €130 million prize was worth more than £111 million and the lucky ticket holder staked their claim within 48 hours.
5th February 2021 Rollover The jackpot was increased to €130 million (£114 million) for February’s Superdraw. Nine players, including three from the UK, matched five main numbers plus one Lucky Star, but nobody landed the top prize. The jackpot eventually climbed to €210 million - the maximum it could reach at the time – before a player from Switzerland won on 26th February.
20th November 2020 Rollover November's Superdraw was not won on the night, resulting in the €130 million top prize rolling over to the following draw. The amount continued to rollover until the €200 million cap was hit for the draw on Friday 4th December. The amount was not won until the third draw at the cap on Friday 11th December, when a french player won the full amount on a single ticket.
25th September 2020 Jackpot Won in Spain September's Superdraw was the third to take place in 2020, offering up a €130 million (approximately £119 million) jackpot to players across Europe. The jackpot was won by one player in Valladolid, Spain.
3rd July 2020 Rollover The second Superdraw of 2020 took place on Friday 3rd July and offered a guaranteed jackpot of £117 million. Nobody hit the jackpot so it rolled over to the next draw, where the entire amount was won by one player in Spain.
7th February 2020 Jackpot Won in Spain The first Superdraw of 2020 was held to mark a big update to the game, including an increase of the jackpot cap to €200 million. The jackpot on offer in the Superdraw was £110 million, and a single Spanish ticket holder won it all.
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Did you know?

  • Superdraws have offered more than £2.4 billion in jackpot prize money
  • The biggest Superdraw jackpot ever offered in sterling was worth £117 million
  • On average, around 50 million tickets are sold for every Superdraw across all nine participating countries*
  • The jackpot has been won eight times on the night of a Superdraw and has rolled over 19 times
  • Luxembourg is the only participating country that hasn't yet sold a winning Superdraw ticket

*Sales data from all Superdraws since March 2015

Historical Superdraws

Superdraws have been a regular feature since EuroMillions began, with the first one taking place in February 2007. The jackpot in that draw was worth £66 million, almost half what the most recent Superdraw jackpot was valued at in sterling. Increases to the jackpots and changes in the exchange rate between euros and pounds mean that Superdraw jackpots are now worth more than ever to UK players.

Date of Superdraw Jackpot Won in Draw Additional Information
4th October 2019 No A Superdraw was scheduled to take place on 4th October, offering a jackpot of around £89 million. However, because the jackpot naturally rolled over to its cap in time for that draw, the funds to be used for the Superdraw were held in reserve. A UK player won £170 million in the following draw.
7th June 2019 No The jackpot was worth £115 million but was not won on the night. Instead, it rolled over to £123 million before a UK player won it in the following draw. The winner chose to remain anonymous.
1st February 2019 No The £105 million jackpot was not won on the night of the draw. It rolled over a further four times before a £152 million jackpot was won by a ticket bought in County Dublin, Ireland.
21st September 2018 No The jackpot was initially set at £115 million but was not won on the night of the Superdraw. Instead, it rolled over until 2nd October, when it reached £144 million and was won by a player from Switzerland.
20th April 2018 No The £113 million jackpot rolled over to the following draw, where one ticket holder from the UK matched all the winning numbers and won £121 million. It was the third-biggest jackpot ever won in the UK at the time.
15th September 2017 No A Superdraw jackpot of £114 million rolled over six times after the draw on Friday 15th September 2017. A Spanish player eventually won a jackpot worth £170 million on Friday 6th October.
30th June 2017 Yes A UK player became the country's sixth Superdraw winner when they landed an £87 million jackpot on the night of the special event. The winner chose to remain anonymous.
30th September 2016 No A Superdraw worth £112 million rolled three times before a Belgian player picked up £153 million on Tuesday 11th October. The winner was revealed to be a father-of-four from Brussels.
6th November 2015 No The jackpot of £71 million rolled over to Friday 20th November 2015 where it reached £114 million and was won by a ticket purchased in Portugal. The winners remained anonymous but it was revealed that they were a couple who owned a café in Coimbra.
5th June 2015 No The jackpot rolled over until the following Friday where it reached £93 million and was claimed by an anonymous ticket holder in the UK. It was the sixth-biggest jackpot ever claimed in the UK at the time.
6th March 2015 Yes The £72 million jackpot was won on the day of the draw by a ticket that was purchased in Portugal. The ticket holder was from the town of Felgueiras and became Portugal's 55th EuroMillions jackpot winner.
3rd October 2014 No Following this Superdraw the jackpot eventually reached its €190 million cap after six rollovers. The prize, which would have been worth just under £150 million to a UK winner, was won on Friday 24th October by a player who purchased their ticket in Portugal.
6th June 2014 No A Superdraw was announced for this date but was rescheduled after the jackpot naturally rolled over to a higher amount than the one advertised for the Superdraw. The money for the Superdraw was returned to the EuroMillions Reserve Fund and a Spanish ticket holder won a jackpot worth £109 million seven days later.
7th March 2014 No The Superdraw jackpot rolled over twice before Neil Trotter from London won it on Friday 14th March. Trotter claimed a prize worth £107 million, which at the time made him the fourth-biggest jackpot winner in the country's history.
15th November 2013 Yes The winning ticket was purchased in Granada in Spain and was claimed by a ticket holder who chose to remain anonymous. It was the fifth jackpot of the year to be won in Spain.
7th June 2013 No The jackpot rolled over five times before it was finally won on 25th June. Two tickets holders, one from Belgium and another from Ireland, shared the £159 million prize. The Irish winner remained anonymous but it was confirmed that the winning ticket was bought in Dublin.
22nd March 2013 No The jackpot was won the following week by a player from France who claimed £112 million. The winner was from the region of Seine et Marne near Paris and became the third-biggest jackpot winner in France.
28th September 2012 Yes The prize was claimed by a player from Spain who opted for anonymity. It was revealed that the ticket was validated at the Lottery Administration Number 2 in Mollet del Vallés, near Barcelona.
4th October 2011 No An £86 million jackpot rolled over and was won in the following draw, when Angela and Dave Dawes from the UK claimed the £101 million jackpot. The couple revealed that they had a list of 15 to 20 people close to them that they wanted to turn into millionaires.
10th May 2011 No The Superdraw jackpot rolled over once before Francisco Manuel Delgado Rodríguez, a baker from Seville in Spain, won £105 million on 13th May. Rodriguez, who was 36 years old at the time, closed his bakery soon after the win and was rumoured to have turned it into a garage for a number of new cars.
1st October 2010 No The jackpot rolled over to the following draw when one UK ticket holder won £113 million. It was the biggest jackpot ever won in the UK at the time and the winner remained anonymous, so no information about their identity was released.
5th February 2010 No The jackpot was won in the next draw and two winning tickets, one from Spain and the other from the UK, shared a prize of £112 million. Nigel Page and his partner Justine Laycock came forward as the holders of the winning UK ticket and they took home £56 million.
18th September 2009 Yes The £90 million jackpot was claimed by a syndicate of 15 players from Venelles, in the Bouches-du-Rhône area of France. The winners decided to remain anonymous, but each of them took home a sum worth £6 million.
6th March 2009 Yes Two ticket holders, one from France and another from Austria, shared a £90 million jackpot. The French ticket holder validated their ticket in the Charente area of Western France and the Austrian winner was from Styria. To date it’s the only EuroMillions Superdraw jackpot to be won in Austria.
9th February 2007 Yes The winner purchased their ticket in Tienen in Belgium but claimed anonymously. At the time, the £66 million jackpot was the second-biggest EuroMillions prize ever won on a single ticket and stood as Belgium’s biggest jackpot for more than six years.

Luckiest Superdraw Countries

All participating EuroMillions countries get to take place in Superdraws and all apart from Luxembourg have sold winning tickets, either on the night of the Superdraw or after it rolled over to subsequent draws. The following chart and table show how many Superdraw winners each country has had – the UK tops the list of winners, closely followed by Spain.

Country Superdraw Winners Date of last winning Superdraw*
UK 9 4th October 2019
Spain 8 3rd July 2020
Belgium 3 30th September 2016
France 4 22nd March 2013
Portugal 3 6th November 2015
Ireland 2 1st February 2019
Austria 1 4th October 2019
Switzerland 1 21st September 2018
Luxembourg 0 n/a
*The jackpot was won on this date or after it rolled over

EuroMillions Superdraw FAQs

Superdraws are the most exciting EuroMillions events in the calendar, and there's no better time to play than when the jackpot reaches record levels. If there's anything else you need to know about Superdraws you can find what you're looking for in these questions and answers.

How do Superdraws work?

In a Superdraw the EuroMillions jackpot is increased to a guaranteed amount, regardless of how much lower it was in the previous draw. The jackpot that is advertised ahead of each normal draw is an estimated amount, because it is based on expected ticket sales. For a Superdraw, however, the participating countries all agree to use some money from the EuroMillions Reserve Fund to guarantee a jackpot of a certain value.

So, for example, if a Superdraw with a guaranteed jackpot of £100 million is due to take place and the jackpot rolls over to £75 million ahead of it, another £25 million will be added to boost the top prize to the guaranteed nine-figure amount.

If the jackpot gets won in the draw before the Superdraw and resets to its £15 million starting value, a huge £85 million sum would be added to the pot to get it to the guaranteed £100 million.

Superdraws are just like standard draws in every other way. You still pick five numbers and two Lucky Stars and you still win the jackpot by matching all of them with the winning line. If a Superdraw jackpot does not get won on the night it rolls over and will continue to do so until it gets won or hits the jackpot cap.

How often do Superdraws take place?

EuroMillions Superdraws are not scheduled for any specific date. Instead, when enough money has built up in the EuroMillions Reserve Fund, the nine participating lotteries will agree to hold a Superdraw. The National Lottery has stated that it expects there to be three Superdraws a year, and the date of each one will be announced several weeks in advance.

How much does it cost to enter?

The cost of playing in a Superdraw is just the same as any other EuroMillions draw, so £2.50 per line for UK players.

How are Superdraws funded?

The money required to boost the jackpot up to a Superdraw value comes from the EuroMillions Reserve Fund. This fund is made up of 4.8 percent of the revenue from all EuroMillions tickets sold for the first six draws of a rollover cycle, and 21 percent of the revenue from each draw after that. When the Reserve Fund runs to an excess, the participating countries will determine when the next Superdraw will be held.

What happens if the EuroMillions jackpot rolls over to more than the Superdraw jackpot?

If the jackpot naturally rolls over to be worth more than the advertised Superdraw jackpot on the same draw date, the funds that would have been used to boost the jackpot to its guaranteed amount will be retained and used to fund an event in the future. The amount that the jackpot has naturally rolled over to will instead be the prize on offer.

There have only been two occasions in the course of EuroMillions history when this has happened: once on 6th June 2014 and then again five years later on 4th October 2019.

Do I still get a raffle code when I enter a Superdraw?

Apart from the size of the jackpot, Superdraws are just like any other draw, so you get entry to all the usual raffles and supplementary games. That means if you play in the UK you will have a chance to win a nine-figure jackpot in the Superdraw and a £1 million prize in the Millionaire Maker raffle on the same night.

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