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EuroMillions Summer Double

Last Updated: Thursday 22nd November 2018, 14:52

Lottery Rollover A EuroMillions double rollover has given all National Lottery players the prospect of landing a massive jackpot prize just in time for the summer! Two EuroMillions jackpots have rolled over in the last fortnight, creating a tantalising jackpot of £37 million for the draw this Friday 5 June, 2009.

Almost all of us enjoy the summer months, so just imagine how much better the next few months could be with £37,000,000 at your disposal. That kind of money would mean that you could afford to let your holiday mood continue indefinitely, and when the weather in the UK turns autumnal you could simply jet off to warmer climes.

You wouldn’t have to worry about getting back to work, the stress of the mortgage or anything else. Instead, you could spend your time exploring regions of the world that you have always wanted to visit, enjoy a relaxing cruise or simply sip cocktails as you sunbathe by a tropical pool.

It’s that kind of ‘endless summer’ that the EuroMillions double rollover jackpot of £37 million makes possible, and all you have to do to be in with a chance of making the fantasy come true is buy yourself some EuroMillions tickets for the draw this Friday. If you don’t fancy queuing for a ticket in the sticky heat that we have in the UK right now, you can buy tickets online and do it all from the cool comfort of your own home!

Of course, some people dislike the UK summer precisely because of that heat, and if you are one of those lottery players you could use a £37 million jackpot win to get away from it all, returning just in time for the winter season.

In other words, winning a £37 million double rollover jackpot would put you in complete control for a change. Whilst none of us can control the weather, those who have the financial wherewithal can move themselves to a country or region that they find more comfortable, and have a ball in the process!

Participating in lottery games is all about indulging your imagination and thinking about what you might do if you won, so spend a few moments considering the possibilities: If you get the lottery results you need to win the EuroMillions summer double rollover jackpot this Friday, what would you do with the money? Where would you go? Who would you visit? Who would you treat? What luxuries would you treat yourself to at the same time?

These might seem like idle fantasies, but if one player wins EuroMillions this Friday they will actually be very practical considerations, and having your plans all lined up and ready to put into action will enable you to start enjoying your millionaire status without delay. Good luck!

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