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Euromillions SuperRaffle drawn tonight

Last Updated: Friday 12th November 2010, 09:59

It’s Friday and that’s always reason to celebrate, the weekend is upon us and that of course means the Euromillions Lottery and then National Lottery draws tomorrow evening. However, this week we have even more reason to get excited as the Euromillions SuperRaffle is drawn tonight. In the first-of-its-kind draw, the Millionaire Raffle prize has been multiplied by ten, so in addition to the Euromillions jackpot, there’s also £10 million in Millionaire Raffle prizes.

This is all because this weekend sees the first birthday of the Millionaire Raffle, a hugely popular UK side game on the Euromillions Lottery where one player each week walks away with £1 million. However, for the birthday SuperRaffle, there will be £10 million up for grabs, in ten separate Millionaire Raffle draws.

That’s ten chances to have a winning ticket, not including the main Euromillions draw, which boasts a £12 million jackpot. So if you buy Euromillions lottery tickets in the UK, then tonight, you’ll have ten more chances to win.

Don’t forget to buy your lottery tickets for the draw, and don’t forget to check them carefully. There are three Millionaire Raffle prizes waiting in the unclaimed lottery prizes list with the National Lottery and we don’t want to see the SuperRaffle prizes added to them. Alternatively, buy lottery tickets online and you won’t ever have to worry about losing, or not checking another lottery ticket again, your lottery tickets will be kept safe by the National Lottery and they even send you an email if you’re a lucky winner!

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