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Euromillions ticket lost in the post

Last Updated: Monday 29th November 2010, 10:34

A pensioner claims to have sent a winning Euromillions ticket to National Lottery organisers, through the post! Most lottery winners telephone to confirm big lottery wins, but Bernard McHugh, 77 from Blackburn in Lancashire, posted his winning Euromillions SuperRaffle ticket off to the National Lottery organisers, who have not yet received it the winning Euromilions SuperRaffle ticket.

Mr McHugh saw the address on the back of the Euromillions ticket and assumed that’s what you were supposed to do with big winning tickets. The 77-year-old claims to have matched one of the Millionaire Raffle numbers in this month’s SuperRaffle.

The gentleman’s family could hardly believe it when he told them he had won and immediately asked to see the winning lottery ticket, when he told them he had posted it off to Camelot, they were astounded. At 77, Bernard McHugh doesn’t have a mobile phone, and doesn’t really like to speak on the telephone at all, let’s hope this technophobia doesn’t cost him a big Euromillions Lottery prize.

While Mr McHugh doesn’t use the Internet, we would advise that if you do, then buy your lottery tickets online, if you’re ever lucky enough to get a winning lottery ticket, you’ll be glad of the convenience that claiming lottery winnings bought online has.

In other lottery news, Wednesday night it’s a UK Lotto double rollover, there’s an estimated £11 million up for grabs and you can buy lottery tickets now for the draw. If you win, we suggest you call the organisers on the phone to claim your win!

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