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Get Set for Two Must Be Won Lotto Draws in a Week

Last Updated: Thursday 27th June 2024, 10:12

A thrilling week lies ahead for Lotto players, with Must Be Won draws set to take place on consecutive Saturdays. The second one, on 6th July, will offer a guaranteed jackpot of £15 million.

Must Be Won draws can come about in a couple of ways. If there are five rollovers in a row, National Lottery rules dictate that there has to be a winner in the next draw. This has now happened after nobody won on Wednesday 26th June.

The jackpot is up to an estimated £11.4 million for the draw on Saturday 29th June, and it will now definitely be paid out. If there are no tickets that match all the numbers, a rolldown will occur and the jackpot money will be split between the winners in all other prize tiers.

The advantage of Must Be Won draws is therefore that you can win a larger prize than normal, even though the odds are exactly the same. For example, matching three main numbers might land you around £100 instead of £30 when there is a rolldown.

Regardless of what happens on 29th June, the jackpot will reset to £2 million for the following draw and then it will be bumped up to £15 million for a special summer Must Be Won draw on 6th July.

These special Must Be Won draws are only held a few times a year, using money from the Reserve Fund. They offer a jackpot such as £15 million, which is more than Lotto is normally able to grow to.

Huge EuroMillions Jackpot Won

As well as the exciting Lotto draws, you can also continue to play for even bigger jackpots in EuroMillions every Tuesday and Friday night.

One of the largest prizes in EuroMillions history, worth £180 million, was won on Tuesday 25th June. It came after a recent Superdraw on 7th June and a few more rollovers. The jackpot was won in Portugal.

If it had not been won, the jackpot could have carried on rolling until it reached its limit of €250 million (approximately £212 million).

Whether you play Lotto, EuroMillions, or both, you can buy tickets from authorised retailers or take part online, then wait to check out the results as soon as they are available.

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