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Has Euromillions ticket been thrown away

Last Updated: Wednesday 20th October 2010, 10:46

Another day, yet another Euromillions Lottery story about a lady who has come forward to say she is the £113 million Euromillions winner. However, the story isn’t as simple as that as she claims her hapless husband threw away the winning lottery ticket. The pensioner, who is to remain nameless for now, is from Coventry, the area the ticket was predicted to be from, yet despite now coming forward, the lottery ticket appears to be lost.

It’s pretty much the worse possibly outcome all round and is unprecedented in Euromillions lottery news. The largest ever unclaimed lottery prize in the history of both the Euromillions and National Lottery is over £3 million, also from a lost lottery ticket where the winners could not prove they had purchased the ticket.

The lady says her husband is always losing things and despite searching the whole house, the winning lottery ticket cannot be found. The couples daughter-in-law is now helping the couple contact Camelot and try and resolve this issue but all we can do is keep you posted.

Check back for more lottery news and details of this Euromillions story as it emerges!

In other lottery news, it’s an exciting week here for lottery players. Tonight there’s a £7.2 million lottery rollover up for grabs and then on Friday, you can play the £25 million Euromillions rollover. Do us a favour though, buy your lottery tickets online so you don’t have to worry about losing them, or you may end up on our lottery news pages!

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