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How Do Lottery Winners Celebrate a Big Win?

Last Updated: Thursday 5th April 2018, 10:51

You might have already played through in your head the moment you discover you have won a big lottery jackpot. In that fantasy, what are you drinking to celebrate the momentous occasion? Is it prosecco or champagne, or maybe a fancy cocktail? In reality, research by the National Lottery reports that most lottery jackpot winners celebrate with that most British of all drinks - a cup of tea.

Essex Lotto Winner Celebrates With Tea

As reported before Easter, Paul Long of Wickford in Essex banked £9.3 million on Lotto on Saturday 24th March. He bought his ticket in celebration of his football team Leyton Orient’s first win since Christmas and toasted his second piece of good news with a brew whilst watching Sunday Brunch the morning after.

Lottery Winners’ Cars

On top of most winners’ shopping lists is usually an upgraded motor. A multimillion-pound win provides the perfect opportunity to replace that old banger with something much more suitable for someone with a seven, eight or even nine-figure sum in their bank account.

Paul told reporters that he had already placed a deposit on a £23,000 Ford EcoSport after discovering his good fortune. In fact, Fords are the fifth most popular choice for those who hit the jackpot. The top car pick for the average lottery winner is a Land Rover or Range Rover, followed by Audis, Jaguars and Mercedes.

First Purchases

Lottery winners often choose to mark their great news by jetting off on a luxury holiday. Nearly a third make their way to the USA, followed by the Caribbean and Dubai. Nearly 70 percent make the most of their fortune buy staying in five-star luxury. However, the UK’s caravan industry is said to have profited by more than £7 million thanks to National Lottery players.

Another must-have for any lottery winner is a new house. The average mansion funded by Lotto and EuroMillions wins is worth £900,000. The National Lottery also discovered that winners were most keen to add hot tubs and walk-in wardrobes to their brand new pads.

Next Lottery Jackpots

If you are keen to find out what it is like to win a lottery jackpot, you can play for Friday’s £66 million EuroMillions top prize or the Lotto jackpot of £9.4 million on Saturday. Play online or buy tickets from authorised retailers across the country.

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