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How lottery dreams can fall apart

Last Updated: Monday 9th August 2010, 00:32

Many of us dream of winning the lottery and moving to a big house in the country but for one lottery-winning family, the dream was more like a nightmare in reality. Neil Chester won £8.5 million on the National Lottery and like many of us, moved immediately to a big house in the country, but now the house is up for sale as the lottery winning family complain it is too big.

The lottery winning couple and their four children moved into the gated, lavish 18 acre property. After extensively renovating and extending the property, the family have now decided it is too big and have put it up for sale.

They have spend the time since the lottery win, renovating the propery and adding in mod-con luxuries such as an indoor swimming pool and games room but now the family feel the house is coming between them. As they are often separated, in various parts of the huge house, they no longer spend time together and due to the gated entrance and 18-acre landscape they are on no more than nodding terms with their neighbours.

Many National Lottery players may fund the Chester’s view a little odd, but until you’ll lived the life of an instant lottery winner, you’ll never know the effect it may have on you. So if you have not yet been one of the lucky ones, keep buying those lottery tickets in the hope that you’ll get to live your dream and then decide it’s not for you.

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