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Is winning the lotto a resolution

Last Updated: Thursday 7th July 2011, 15:55

Christmas Lottery A few days ago while in the Christmas Sales, one lady was heard to say to another that winning the UK Lottery was to be her New Year’s resolution. Now it’s nice to wish and hope but does hoping you win the lottery a sensible resolution to make?

Now it’s obvious you can buy lottery tickets to increase your chances of winning the UK Lotto or Euromillions Lottery and buying more increases your chances of winning one of the big prizes but we at National Lottery are still not sure that counts as a resolution.

New Year’s resolutions are about changing things that are within your control and that should tell you that winning the lottery does not a good aspiration make. Of course buying lottery tickets is always a good idea and that has nothing to do with resolutions and everything to do with the massive double rollover UK Lotto draw tonight.

It’s worth an estimated £10 million and that’s the biggest jackpot we’ve seen on the UK Lotto for a while, and whilst winning the lotto might not make a very good New Year’s resolution, winning the £10 million double rollover jackpot might just make the rest of your New Year’s resolutions a lot easier to keep.

You can still buy lottery tickets for tonight’s UK Lotto double rollover draw all day today in time for the draw this evening. So hurry for your chance to change your life for the New Year with a super UK Lottery win!

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