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Issues at the National Lottery online

Last Updated: Monday 15th November 2010, 10:06

Everyone knows it’s best to buy lottery tickets online. It’s safe and secures and the only way to guarantee you don’t end up on the unclaimed lottery prizes list. However, problems with the National Lottery online since yesterday morning means no one can buy lottery tickets online. If you can’t get on to buy tickets, don’t worry everyone is having the same problem, the trouble is the National Lottery are keeping tight-lipped so who knows when the website will be up and running.

Upon attempting to log on yesterday morning, lottery players were greeted with the message “National Lottery online services are temporarily unavailable. Services will be resumed shortly. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.” Now that’s all well and good, but 24 hours later and the message remains.

There has been no update from the National Lottery and we can’t find any inside info or lottery news into why the website is down. Many of us can just pop to the shops to buy lottery tickets (assuming you can remember the lottery numbers you play online, as there is no chance of retrieving them) but for many, the National Lottery website is a lifeline, especially for older or infirm people who can’t get out to buy lottery tickets.

Let’s hope the website is up and running in time to buy lottery tickets for Wednesday’s draw, or a lot of lottery players may be missing out on their chance to play!

Edit: Within a few minutes of writing this newspiece, the National Lottery website came back to life after over 24 hours, if you've been waiting to buy lottery tickets then you can do so now!

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