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Italian Lottery bigger than Euromillions

Last Updated: Wednesday 6th October 2010, 08:27 am

While we’re all getting geared up for the €128 million (£112 million) Euromillions rollover at the weekend, across Europe another country is gearing up for an even bigger draw. On Thursday evening, the SuperEnalotto Italy will boast a jackpot of €155.8 million, bigger than any lottery jackpot ever won by a single player, anywhere in the world! The jackpot is absolutely mind-blowing and has come after months of rollovers in the notoriously difficult to win Italian Lottery draw.

The SuperEnalotto often boasts some of the biggest jackpots in the world and this is because of the unique, yet quite rudimentary way in which the lottery is drawn. Just like the National Lottery there is just one set of balls but unlike our UK lottery draw, the balls run from 1 to 90 inclusive.

This makes odds of winning the lottery some of the longest in the world, making for rollover jackpots such as this one. However, this is a record, even for the Italian Lottery and surely someone must win it soon.

If you already have your Euromillions rollover tickets and are wondering why we are sharing this story it’s because you can also buy lottery tickets for the SuperEnalotto, Italian Lottery from our agent by clicking the link above. Then you have the chance at two of the biggest lottery draws in the world!

If the SuperEnalotto goes to a single lottery player, that person will instantly become the world’s biggest ever lottery winner, with riches beyond their wildest dreams. Why not try your chances before Thursday’s draw?

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