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Lottery Jackpot still unclaimed

Last Updated: Wednesday 23rd February 2011, 11:27 am

We often use these lottery news pages to bring you stories of unclaimed lottery prizes. Today, we have a story of not just a Lotto prize, but an actual jackpot, which is still unclaimed despite several appeals for the winner to come forward. The lottery ticket in question was sold in the Brighton & Hove area of the UK and is worth almost £3 million, but if the winner doesn’t come forward, the entire prize plus any interest it has accrued will be lost forever!

This unclaimed lottery prize was sold for the UK Lotto draw on November 10th, so if you’re looking for old lottery tickets, this is the one that you need. The ticket matched all six numbers in the main Lotto draw, collecting the prize worth £2,956,532 but now the clock is ticking and time is running out for the winner to claim.

If you live in the Brighton & Hove area it may be time to check those old lottery tickets against the UK Lotto results, as if this prize is not claimed by 9th May it will be lost forever.

All unclaimed lottery prize totals are added to the fund for good causes, increasing the amount that the lottery gives to charity every single year. It’s the second best place for the money to end up, of course we’d prefer if it went to the rightful winner! So it’s time to check your old lottery tickets and see if you are the £2.9 million lottery winner!

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