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Lottery winner commits suicide

Last Updated: Monday 4th October 2010, 09:39

Unfortunately, all to often on these National Lottery news pages we’re bringing you lottery news of how a win hasn’t been the life-changing event that it should be, or maybe that is has been life-changing but things have gone the wrong way for the winner. The words money doesn’t buy happiness have never been more true today, bringing you the news that a lottery winner has committed suicide.

When Richard Lang won the National Lottery back in 2005, he didn’t go crazy with the cash. His biggest purchase was a house and he stayed in his job as a canal worker. On paper, Richard Lang should have been one of the lottery success stories but this week he was found hanged, in what is no doubt a huge shock to his friends and family.

Richard Lang didn’t go off the rails after his £1 million lottery win and that’s what makes his death such a mystery. Lottery wins should make you happy, isn’t that why we all play? Yet some people can’t seem to cope with the changes that new found fortune bring.

It’s quite possible that it wasn’t the lottery win that caused Mr Lang to take his life, maybe this would have happened anyway, who knows and who are we to speculate?

There are plenty of big jackpots on offer this week, not least the big Euromillions rollover jackpot at the weekend but don’t be under the illusion that money will solve all of your problems. Not that the idea of this story will stop most buying lottery tickets this week.

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