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Lottery winner dies broke

Last Updated: Tuesday 6th April 2010, 12:04

After winning £9 million on the UK Lotto, you’d think that you’d be made for life but a lottery winner who scooped a fortune back in 2005 has died penniless, aged just 58 after his life spiralled out of control. Keith and Louise Gough started living the high-life after their huge lottery win and why not? A happily married couple, they must have thought all their dreams had come true.

Nightmares may have been a more appropriate word as the couple are now divorced. Mr Gough has blown all his winnings, a stint in rehab and a con to the tune of £700,000 and now the lottery winner is dead.

Things started to fall apart when Mr Gough started drinking heavily, despite, or maybe because of this huge lottery win. He found himself bored out of work all day and as the saying goes, the devil makes work for idle hands.

Next Louise left him, and this may have been a wake-up call. Mr Gough certainly tried to get his drinking under control and booked in for rehab. While there, Mr Gough was taken advantage of by a conman to the tune of £700,000, back then the story was reported and he was quoted as saying he wished he had never won the money, it had brought him nothing but misery and he had lost everything of true value.

Now, at just 58 Mr Gough is dead, a heart attack brought on by heavy drinking and stress. Be careful what you wish for when you're buying lottery tickets for the midweek rollover.

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