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Lottery winner to share with ex wife

Last Updated: Tuesday 23rd November 2010, 10:03

The name Nigel Page is surely burned on the memories of many, a lesson perhaps in why anonymity is chosen by big lottery winners. Nigel and his partner Justine became the UK’s biggest lottery winners last year when they scooped a £56 million Euromillions jackpot. The record was beaten within weeks but not before every lottery news agency run a story about the couple. Well now Mr Page must share some of his lottery win with his ex wife, even though they separated years ago.

This week, Mr Page’s ex wife Wendy accepted £2 million in an out of court settlement and saw maintenance payments for the couple’s 13-year-old daughter increased to £2,000 a month. The ex wife is surely celebrating now, but is it right that Mr Page should have to share his Euromillions win?

The press seem to have mixed opinions on the subject today, after all not only have the couple been separated for 10 years but she left him, for another man. However, the couple do have a child together and of course it’s right that she should be provided for, £2 million and a further £24,000 a year in maintenance will certainly do that.

It does make us wonder if Mr Page regrets speaking to the press and could mean that in future big lottery winners are less likely to speak out. Mr Page was hounded with begging letters after his win too and must now be surely wondering whether making himself a minor celebrity was a good thing after all.

The next Euromillions Lottery draw is on Friday evening and while it’s not a record-breaking jackpot, a double rollover does mean that there is a massive £38 million up for grabs. Do you have your lottery tickets yet?

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