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Lotto £3.7 Million Jackpot Winners Come Forward

Last Updated: Monday 3rd December 2012, 10:33

LottoOn the 6th October one lucky ticket holder matched the six numbers drawn in the Lotto results to scoop the jackpot that came out at £3,788,635. Nothing was known about this jackpot winner until this week as the Lotto £3.7 million jackpot winners have now come forward. The holders of this winning ticket were David and Debra Allsobrook who are from Stretton near Burton and like most lottery jackpot winners they couldn’t believe their luck when they first found out about their impressive win.

David Allsobrook, 48 who works as a sales engineer has been playing the Lotto since it first started and once had a dream that he had won the lottery, however woke up but now that dream really has come true.

This couple came forward to claim their Lotto win at a press conference in Branston where they revealed how they purchased this winning ticket. David purchased the ticket from his local Co-op and played the same numbers he has been doing every week since the lottery began in 1994 which were 1, 11, 16, 18, 27 and 42.

When the lottery official confirmed his win over the phone David couldn’t believe it and when he went to tell his wife who works in a salon she didn’t believe him. This lucky couple plan to carry on working just for the short term but in the long run they want to help their families. They have already bought their parents new cars each and plan to treat their family to a holiday in Las Vegas next year – well done to these Lotto jackpot winners!

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