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Lotto Jackpot about to expire

Last Updated: Tuesday 9th March 2010, 09:57

Unclaimed prizes on the UK Lotto are thankfully rare but this month there are two unclaimed lottery prizes that are about to expire and one of those is a £3 million jackpot! It’s hard to believe that someone could have overlooked a lottery prize of that magnitude but it’s happened and if it isn’t claimed by March 22nd the whole prize and all the interest it has accrued will go into the fund for good causes.

Before that is a smaller lotto prize about to expire, this one matched five main balls and the bonus ball in the UK Lotto draw held on 19th September in the Borough of Kirklees and is worth a staggering £224,606. This UK Lotto winner has just until 18th March to claim this prize or it goes back into the fund for good causes.

The big unclaimed prize this month is the UK Lotto jackpot about to expire on March 22nd. This lotto ticket matched all six winning numbers in the UK Lotto draw held on 23rd September and at £3,681,197 is a rarity for unclaimed prizes. This lotto ticket was sold in the Inverness area of Scotland and time is running out for the winner.

If you live, or have travelled into either of the areas above then it’s time to hunt out those old lotto tickets and search all the places they could be hidden. That forgotten jackpot, down the back of the sofa, in the bedside table, both of these unclaimed lottery tickets must be somewhere and finding them after the deadline is likely to be the worse thing that could ever happen.

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