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Lotto Jackpot Estimated at £6.3 Million

Last Updated: Thursday 5th December 2013, 13:19

LottoTomorrow night the Lotto has a rollover jackpot on offer to win as Wednesday’s draw saw no players match the six numbers drawn. This means that this Saturday’s Lotto jackpot is estimated at £6.3 million so many players are hoping to strike lucky and win themselves this rollover jackpot. Therefore if you fancy winning this Lotto £6.3 million jackpot then make sure you have your tickets ready as you never know luck could be on your side.

We are getting to the end of November and so far the Lotto has had six draws and out of those six the Lotto jackpot has been won three times. This means that so far for November jackpot winners have won a combined £20,153,014. This is an impressive total of jackpot wins and as November has two more Lotto draws it will be interesting to see if any more players will become jackpot winners.

If you struggle selecting which numbers to play the Lotto with then it can be useful to look at the Lotto statistics to see which numbers appear more than others. The most popular numbers in the Lotto are 44, 23, 38, 40, 39 and 25. However, there are numbers which are overdue and haven’t been in the Lotto results for a while and these are 34, 38, 28, 13, 31 and 43.

Whether any of these numbers will make it into the Lotto results tomorrow night remains to be seen but as always the results will be available to view online shortly after this draw has taken place so make sure you check your tickets as soon as draw has taken place to see if you are a winner!

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