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Lotto Jackpot Must Be Won on Wednesday 29th April

Last Updated: Monday 27th April 2020, 12:34

Another ‘Must Be Won’ Lotto draw will take place on Wednesday night, increasing your chances of winning a bigger prize than normal. It comes just days after a major EuroMillions jackpot was snapped up by a ticket holder from Manchester.

How Lotto Rolldowns Work

The Lotto jackpot is only allowed to roll over for five draws in a row before it must be won. It has now reached this limit after Saturday’s draw passed without a winner. The top prize has now shot up to an estimated £12.1 million.

If anyone matches all six main numbers on Wednesday, they will be able to enjoy the full jackpot amount. If there is more than one winner, it will be shared between them.

However, there is also a possibility that there could be a ‘rolldown’. This is what happens if there are no winners of the jackpot. As the top prize must be won, the money will be split among everyone who lands a cash reward if there are no Match 6 winners.

The prize for matching three numbers, normally a fixed £30, could therefore go up to more than £100. The last time the jackpot rolled down, for example, all the Match 3 winners received £121. Go to the Rolldowns page to find out how substantially prizes have increased in previous Must be Won draws.

The main appeal of a Must be Won draw is that you can pocket far larger prizes than usual without having to match more numbers. The odds are the same, as is the cost per entry.

You may even decide to boost your chances of winning by purchasing more entries or joining a syndicate, which is a great method of buying more lines at an affordable cost. You share the cost of entry with others and divide the winnings.

EuroMillions Jackpot Claimed Within Days

The National Lottery has advised players to take part online at the current time due to the restrictions in place to combat the spread of coronavirus, and one participant who did just that has been celebrating a £58 million EuroMillions win in a rather unusual way.

Ryan Hoyle, a joiner from Rochdale, usually buys his tickets in stores but instead he opted to enter the draw on Friday 17th April online. He matched the numbers 16, 28, 32, 37 and 45, plus Lucky Stars 1 and 11, becoming the biggest UK winner of the year so far.

He drove round to his parents’ house so they could check the results, passing his phone through the window to keep a safe distance. When the win was confirmed by the National Lottery, he toasted the moment with his brothers.

“We sat apart drinking beer on Saturday afternoon in the sunshine and tried to let the news sink in,” he said. “I just couldn’t be alone but we kept more than two metres apart. I needed to talk to them and ask their advice. It was a nice afternoon and it really helped with the shock.”

Ryan added that the best part of the win was that it would allow his parents to retire, while he also hopes to build a house of his own. He will also take his daughter on holiday to Florida.

The EuroMillions jackpot is currently worth £28 million. Take part online in the next draw on Tuesday or try your luck in Wednesday’s Must be Won Lotto.

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