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Lotto Offering £7.7 Million Rollover Jackpot Tonight

Last Updated: Wednesday 14th October 2015, 11:35 am

Players throughout the UK will be buying Lotto tickets today as they hope to snap up the biggest jackpot on offer in the game since Wednesday 17th June of this year, when a jackpot of £12.9 million was split by three players. Tonight’s game will serve up an estimated £7.7 million to those who reckon they can match the six main numbers drawn this evening.

The changes introduced to Lotto last week were designed to create larger rolling jackpots, thus generating more interest in the game and increasing the likelihood that the top prize will move closer to the hotly-anticipated jackpot cap of £50 million. Saturday marked the first Lotto game under the new rules, with more than 1.6 million participants scooping prizes in the main draw even though the jackpot went unclaimed. The newly-created Match 2 tier saw 1.5 million ticket holders awarded with a free Lotto Lucky Dip, while cash awards ranged from £25 for matching three main numbers to £120,570 for matching five main numbers and the Bonus Ball.

The new Lotto Millionaire Raffle enjoyed similar success on the night, with a huge 25 prizes of £1 million up for grabs. Of these, 17 have already been claimed, with eight windfalls still waiting for their rightful owners to come forward and grab a paycheque that would make financial worries a thing of the past.

Tonight’s game will see at least one ticket holder join the vaunted ranks of Lotto millionaires when they match the first Lotto Millionaire Raffle code drawn. Another 20 participants will each grab £20,000 on the supplementary game, which underwent significant changes alongside Lotto itself.

For your chance to beat the odds and win a life-changing sum of cash, make sure you play Lotto online or in authorised retailers before 7.30pm BST tonight. Good luck and have fun!

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