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Lotto Player Claims £18.1 Million Jackpot

Last Updated: Wednesday 23rd September 2020, 14:02

The Lotto player who won a huge £18.1 million jackpot on Saturday 18th November has been congratulated by National Lottery officials after making a claim for the money. The prize will now be paid out to the lucky participant at a ticket validation appointment.

Big Jackpot

The jackpot on 18th November was one of the largest of the year, following a run of seven straight rollovers. The numbers drawn were 1, 20, 24, 36, 54 and 58, with Bonus Ball 11. Over a million ticket holders picked up prizes, but the glory belonged to the player who matched all six main numbers.

They have wasted little time in making contact with the National Lottery, getting in touch less than a fortnight later to stake their claim. Andy Carter, the National Lottery’s Senior Winners’ Advisor, said: “It’s been an amazing year for Lotto players with numerous giant jackpots won. 

“We look forward to helping this ticket holder settle into their new millionaire lifestyle. I’ll ensure we have a glass of ice cold champagne ready to toast their life-changing win.”

What Happens Now?

Once a player has made a claim for a big prize such as a jackpot, a ticket validation appointment is arranged. The winning entry is checked, the player will be asked to provide identification and all the relevant paperwork is completed.

The National Lottery advisor will also recommend that the winner sets up a private bank account. They work closely with banks that have experience with lottery winners and can help to make arrangements. The lucky player can also speak to the advisor at this point about the merits of going public or staying anonymous.

If the winner decides to go public, a press conference will be scheduled for them to share their story with the media. If not, no further details will be revealed about where the ticket was bought, whether the winner was a syndicate or an individual, and so on.

If you would like to be a position to make a claim on a big jackpot, you will have to take part in the game. Lotto’s top prize is up to £9.4 million for Saturday night, and you can go to any authorised retailer or play online. Good luck!

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